Ways to Help Parents Keep Up with a Busy Family Life

Being efficient with time and processes isn’t something that parents naturally think of doing – family life does tend to get chaotic when one or more kids is particularly active – but it can also be the saving grace. Streamlining and getting help where needed lets parents focus on the development of their children and not being consumed by chores and busy tasks the whole time they’re growing up.

Here are a few ways parents can deal with an overly busy family life.

Embrace Tools to Make Life Easier

Don’t be afraid to buy a tool if it will cover something that does a task that you or your partner have to do regularly. For instance, buying a robot cleaner that will take the place of vacuuming the floors for an hour twice a week can be a real time-saver. It also helps introduce little kids to new technological inventions, so they can get used to technology being a part of all our lives now.

If your family creates a lot of food waste, then check Mr Garbage Disposal to find a suitable disposal unit that will crunch down the waste so it doesn’t become a problem to dispose of it yourself. If they’re forever having juice boxes, will a juicer save you time or make more work? Look at different things that eat up family time and see if there’s a more efficient way of doing it.

Enlist the Help of Family

Kids are perfectly capable of handling chores at home. They shouldn’t be given pocket money for free because this creates a sense of entitlement and a mistaken understanding that money is available without having to work for it. The tasks don’t need to be too involving or difficult for them to manage. Perhaps they can make up a storage box and decorate it, so it becomes a place for their toys when they’ve finished playing with them. Alternatively, assign them tasks in the kitchen that someone their age and with their abilities can complete on their own or under your careful supervision. Learning how to cook is a valuable lesson that isn’t always taught at home or at school, yet everyone needs to know how.

Make Batching Your Friend

Batching tasks together seems obvious but parents who act chaotically not only teach their children indirectly to do the same thing but waste considerable time by being disorganized. By noting similar tasks down, it’s possible to reduce time by doing these chores together, like shopping trips all in one go. Parents should share task lists on an app like Wunderlist or ToDoist, so they can stay organized throughout the day.

Tasks can be grouped by location or type of activity. Being more organized means that one parent can fulfill several chores on the way home from work when they know they’re needed. Taking fewer trips also means putting less wear on the vehicle and consuming fewer gallons of gas too.

Paradoxically, the way to keep up with a hectic life is to first slow things down. Then get organized. Some tasks can be shared with the kids who can be encouraged to chip in or earn their pocket money by completing weekly tasks that help the whole family, which instills a good work ethic for later life.

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