5 Great Gifts for New Parents

New parents are so overwhelmed with their baby that they often completely forget about themselves and their own needs. This is where friends and family come in. You love them and wish them all the best which is why you need to observe them and make certain conclusions about their needs. If you have your own children, try and think of the thing you needed most at the time. However, if you’re not, don’t despair, there are places where you can find inspiration and this is one of them. So, let’s take a look at some of the suggestions for a gift for new parents which would make them immensely happy.

A coffee maker

As you know, babies are super cute, but they’re extremely needy and they cry all the time, so a good guess would be that your friends are chronically exhausted. That is why a coffee maker would make their lives easier. First of all, they’ll be able to make great coffee that will keep that stay awake more easily and secondly, they’re new parents. That means they won’t have time to go to brunches or coffee anytime soon. So, why not give them an opportunity to taste some fine coffee for a change?

A good blender

Every parent needs a powerful blender. Your friends’ baby will soon start eating something other than breast milk and, instead of buying baby food in stores, they can make their own. It’s much healthier and they’d be completely in control of what their baby eats, which is quite important. Just make sure the blender is strong enough to crush all sorts of fruit and vegetables, since babies can’t process these remaining bits just yet.

Baby stuff

When it comes to buying baby stuff, it’s a real challenge to get something new parents need and don’t yet have. That is why you should refrain from getting the big things such as a cradle or a stroller. However, you can focus on things nobody buys and they include blankets, sheets and towel sets. For instance, the cutest Bubba Blue products are mainly made from bamboo that is very gentle for baby’s skin. If you can’t decide what exactly to get, just let your friends know about the price range and your original idea and they can choose exactly what they need and like.

Stylish diaper bag

This may seem unusual, but it makes sense when you think about it. A parent absolutely cannot leave the house with a baby and without diapers. Need we remind you that this diaper wearing phase is not at all short? So, why not get your friends a stylish diaper bag so they can go into the world looking nice instead of looking like they’re in the process of moving?


If you take a few seconds and try to steal focus from the baby and direct it to the parents, you’ll see happiness, excitement and exhaustion. This is true and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, so what can you get your friends to help them relax and rest? A massage or a spa sound amazing. While you’re at it, you should offer to babysit while your friends go and relax a bit. However, if the baby is so small that they can’t leave it, you can call one of those mobile masseuses who come to your house and provide the service in the comfort of your own home.

All in all, new parents need many things, but most of all, they need your support. Of course, it’s nice to get them a gift that will really make them happy as the level of stress they keep every day is definitely here to stay for a while. However, besides material gifts you’d probably always be welcome to offer to babysit while they have some time for themselves. A baby is a blessing, but in order to stay sane, new parents need some time to recharge, and that’s exactly where you can come in.

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