Adding to your home can increase value

No one moves into a house without dreaming of the possibilities of what it could be eventually with a little touch here, a little change there. But, if you’re looking for advice on how to actually increase the value in your home it can be a different ball game altogether. Where to start?

To start, take one room at a time.

The best way is to write down all of your wildest dreams for your property, then to categorise based on cost and then by how long each project might take. This helps you to get reults, if you only have a limited time (say a day, or a weekend) you can choose a project that fits in with the amount of time you have and the financial cost.

Make a list of all the things you dream about doing, break your list down into categories based on cost and write down how much time each project may take. What this does is help you get results. If you only have a day or a weekend, choose a project that fits within your timeframe, comfort level and financial commitment.

You could start with, upgrading the kitchen.

  • Ask any #1 real estate expert what the top-of-the-list upgrade (with the greatest return) is, and the answer would be the kitchen.
  • Got a pretty bland beige or white kitchen? Adding a splash of colour can bring it bang up to date. New tiles are also attractive. There are actually some home improvement stores that offer classes on this kind of thing.
    – Stainless steel is also the way to go. Go with a similar metallic light switch that goes with your appliances and worktops to really set your kitchen off.
  • Get some fresh pots and pans and hang a pot rack with a hanging wine bottle holder. This looks very expensive in a new kitchen.

You could also upgrade your bathroom.

  • Wall mounted lighting is very current. Ditch the classic overhead lighting to add this warmth and value to your bathroom.
  • Heated floors are also super luxurious and make buyers flock.
  • And perhaps the simplest answer – keep it clean. Grime and limescale can become embedded in bathroom surfaces very quickly – clean this up and freshen the look with a new grout.

Add an extension.

– More and more and more space – that’s what’s attractive to buyers. A spare room could be an office, a playroom or a dining room. The possibilities are endless. Thinking about this but not 100{c7707b0c17772bdff2155084fc427c18ee82a3198e5c9c06e9b6d5c61c2b0aed} sure? You can arrange a free design meeting with a free no obligation quote for these things..

– This is also a great way to add living space in a small property, conservatories are also especially luxurious. These are a big plus factor in a property.

– Got a spacious attic that’s just gathering dust? Why not add some attic stairs and transform this into a new bedroom or an office. Attic rooms have that cozy vibe and more bedrooms are sure to bump up house value. It’s a no brainer!

Clean your house to reap the benefits later.

A sparkling clean, bright home can attract potential buyers like moths to a flame. There’s just no way a house can ever be too clean. If it was you in the buyer’s shoes, wouldn’t this matter to you? Would you choose the house that is slightly drab or the house just across the road that is warm, welcoming and clean?

By bumping the priority of having a good old clean, you can do many things as once. Firstly, you can note and fix the maintenance issues in good time – potentially spotting problems before they can become money draining ones. Additionally, you won’t allow junk and grime to build up over weeks and months. Mold can become a nightmare if it’s allowed to spread so nip these things in the bud as quick as possible. A clean home is also much healthier for you and your family.


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