The success of this website has been incredible. We now have 15’000 unique monthly visitors, thousands of subscribers to our blog and indications are that this number is set to grow. Perhaps it’s the good content we provide or the trust our readers have in the information we furnish that have fuelled this massive expansion.

When we crossed the 5’000 reader mark, a few businesses approached us for advertising opportunities. Somewhat surprised we agreed, especially because the businesses in question provided products and services for kids and parents. Our content and the ads worked well together and at that stage we had received product and service inquiries from readers already. It all came just at the right time for us, our readers and our new advertisers. We knew that we could expand together and support each other.

Before we ever published the first ad, Demetrius and I researched all there is to know about online advertising. We didn’t just want to take our advertisers’ cash, we wanted to learn how to provide effective advertising space that would lead to a good return on investment.

We consulted many other organisations to learn from their experience, studied website data and eventually created a number of viable advertising options.

Our very first advertisers were impressed with the results achieved and many are still with us today.

Why Advertise With Us

There are a number of reasons, why advertising on our website works so well:

  • 15’000 Unique Monthly Visitors: Businesses providing services or products for children and parents have succeeded in increasing sales and revenue. Our readers are continually seeking and exchanging parenting advice and are often seeking supporting products and services. Website data indicates that a large proportion check out our advertisers’ website and purchase products or avail of services.
  • Excellent Rates and Professional Service: Our advertising rates are competitive and our support system second-to-none. We feel it is our duty to ensure that advertisers have to do very little and get the optimum return. To what extent advertisers get involved in the design of the concept, ad. and campaign is entirely up to them. Some work closely with us while others just leave all the hard work to us. We are open to feedback and criticism and will always tailor campaigns to the needs of our advertisers.
  • Smart Selection and Placement: We only publish ads that have some relevance to our content. On our website and blog, you will never find random ads that have little or nothing to do with parenting. Our readers trust us to only guide them to reputable businesses and those businesses can thus reap the rewards of our labour.

What to Do Next

If you have a great parenting product or service you would like to advertise, please get in touch straight away. You can send us a message using the form below. On receipt of your enquiry, we send you our advertising information package. You can study it at length and we will contact you to get some feedback and ideas. Please provide us with detailed information about you, your business and the products or services you provide.

Together, we will plan your campaign and select a timeframe. Setting goals and objectives forms the basis of all of our campaigns to ensure advertisers profit from advertising with us. Some businesses provide us with a pre-designed ad while others allow us to design a new one. The process is simple and you will be supported and looked after throughout.

We would love to have you on board and share in our success and look forward to our collaboration.