Family Activities

Family Activities

Kids Fitness – Essential Elements

The concept of kids fitness has been around for a long time. The goal is …

Family Activities

Why Getting Treated for my Xanax Addition Saved my Relationship With my Child

Life as a newlywed and a proud parent of an adorable six-month-old at 22 years …

Family Activities

A Practical Approach to Teaching Your Kids the Value of Money

Perhaps as a result of the instructive nature of the mainstream education system we’re all …

Family Activities

How to Encourage Your Child to Go Outdoors

Between computer games, movies, and tablet computers, it might be a difficult challenge to tear …

Family Activities

How It Used to Be: Arranging a Vacation Without the Kids

You started out as a couple and things change when you start a family, so …

Family Activities

Have We Lost Our Sense of Community?

It’s often claimed that technology which is designed to bring people together in fact has …

Family Activities

How to Use the Right Toys to Improve Your Child’s Intelligence

One developmental benefit that many parents and experts really look for in a toy is …

Family Activities

The best family holidays for Easter

From cycling Hadrian’s Wall to cookery classes in Italy, we pick the top trips.

Greetings from Greece! We're a happy family from Athens, enjoying our lives and raising two wonderful kids who make our lives even more interesting. Here we share our experience on being parents and raising our children in the right way.
Alec and Gaia



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Kids Education

How to ensure your child succeeds in medical school

A medical degree is a once in a lifetime asset …