This website is a meeting place for parents all over the world. We gather and tell our stories, support each other and have fun. So far, the website has been an invaluable tool for many people and Demetrius and I continue to work hard to make this the best online parenting website.

We would like you to join us in our efforts and are calling on you to get in touch. Please tell us your story or share your advice by filling in the form below.

Up to now, we have been contacted by people from the four corners of the earth, among them were:

  • Parents Seeking Advice: Many mums and dads contact us with parenting questions, some of a serious nature, other of the light-hearted kind. We have been glad to be of help, have greatly enjoyed the communication and wish to hear from you too. It doesn’t really matter what type of question you have, as long as you get in touch.
  • Parenting Experts: Luckily, we have also been contacted by countless parenting professionals, teachers, psychologists, nutritionists, family therapists, child care workers, doctors and many more. They have provided us with invaluable expertise and we have been in a position to pass on this wealth of knowledge to people far and wide. They have taught Demetrius and I a lot about parenting and we are the better parents for it.
  • Story Tellers: We have also been contacted by many parents who just wanted to tell us their story, get something off their chest and we have been a sounding-board to them. Sharing experiences is one of the most important and valuable endeavors. This is the kind of expressive parenting we are trying to foster and we look forward to hearing about you.
  • Fun and Game Creators: Having kids is an awful lot of fun and we have been privileged to receive many ideas for fun activities and games. We have published them on our website and blog. When you visit this website, you will find lots of funky projects for you and your kids and we hope to find out about yours too.
  • Event Promoters and Groups: We are also trying to promote family events and family community groups across the globe. Please contact us with details about yours. It’s all about mutual support and joining in the fun.
  • Parenting Experts in the Media and Online: There are some top resources for parents in the media and online. We wish to promote and share them and make them available to all. If you know of a program, website, book, movies, radio show or any other such resource, please share all the details with us.
  • Grandparents: Someone once told me that being a grandparent is even better than being a parent. You have all the love without the daily chores! Therefore we are also calling on grandparents to share their stories and wisdom. Over the years we would have been lost without the knowledge and support from our own parents and value any grandparent input greatly.
  • Businesses Providing Parenting Products and Services: If you are a business providing products and services for kids and parents, please let us know and we will be glad to support your business.

How to Get in Touch

Simply drop us a line by filling in the form below. We will read your mail straight away and get back to you quickly. This is what this website is about, connecting with people from all over the world and creating a giant family of parents and kids.