How to Dress Stylishly During Pregnancy

When we look through old photos of our moms when they were pregnant, we’re left in awe at how horrendous and unflattering maternity clothes from the past were. It was like – here’s a potato-sack-looking dress with grandma florals on it, put it on. Kidding aside, yes, maternity clothes should be comfortable, but style should give way to comfort, especially now that the fashion industry has made great strides to create collections that will provide the maximum amount of comfort to future moms while also allowing them to look super cute, fashionable and even sexy. So, before you head out and start shopping for maternity clothes, make sure you have all the right information. Think of this as your stylish-while-pregnant guide, because we’re about to upgrade you, mamma.

Use what you have

If you have at least one of those iconic wrap dresses, don’t put it on hold until the baby comes. The best thing about a wrap dress is that, in a way, it’s a universal size, so if you haven’t gained a lot of weight during pregnancy in your arms, you can totally rock a wrap dress. The textile belt will just have to go a tad higher over your belly, but you will still look super chic. And, if you can’t stand the thought of wearing heels and your feet are swollen – good news, athleisure is the ‘it’ trend of the season, so feel free to wear a great pair of comfortable tennis or dad shoes, because dresses with sneakers is totally a thing now. Just top the look off with a great bag and eyewear and you’re ready for work, lunch with friends or a relaxing afternoon stroll looking chic and, dare we say it, sexy.

Casual chic mom-to-be

This has been one of the most coveted looks in the recent years, and all you need to do to achieve it is a great pair of maternity jeans. Luckily, jeans companies came to their senses and have created a plethora of trendy maternity jeans, and the only difference between them and regular ones is that they have a patch of elastic fabric in either the belly or pocket area for extra comfort and support. Even the elastic waist has been styled up so you don’t have to wear long tunics to cover it up. Then you can go for a classic or graphic white tee, or take a trendy route with an oversized grey tee. If it gets a tad chilly, spice things up with an oversized checkered blazer; add a cute bag and ballerina flats and you are even office-ready. You’ll probably end up looking more stylish than everyone else at the office.

Save the day

There are smoldering hot days that are too much to bear even for those who aren’t pregnant. Luckily for us, maxi dresses have come back in style (thank you resort collections). Now you can rock a maxi dress with a cute woven tote and chic and comfortable flat mules and be a real girl of summer while showing off that bump proudly. If you’re choosing a pattern, you definitely have to go with medium-sized polka dots that are highly trendy, not to mention chic and cute at the same time. All you need is a cute straw hat – narrow brim, we’re not at the beach yet unfortunately – and that’s just yet another look designed to make you not only look breezy and summery, but feel like it too.

Show it off

You’re going to be a mom, so show that baby bump proudly; unless you’re feeling too hot and can’t stand fabric clinging to your body, there is no reason not be a proud mom-to-be and show off that baby bump every chance you get. Pencil skirts with a bit of stretch will hug your body just right, and accentuate those curves – bump included, while allowing for plenty of movement and a sense of comfort. A short thin cardigan – during cooler days – with the pencil skirt will work fantastically, because it will balance out your proportions. Tuck in a regular tee or even a stylish blouse, accessorize with a pair of trendy structured statement earrings, and voilà – effortless stylishness achieved.

Final tips

Avoid over-purchasing as there are plenty of your old clothes that you can still make a lot of use of, especially in the first and second trimester. Go through your wardrobe carefully because you might be surprised by the number of oversized items (translation: bump-friendly items) that you can wear far into your pregnancy. Worry about purchasing good jeans that you can wear even once you’re no longer pregnant, and that goes for most of the items. Even if you’ve gained a few excess pounds and you’ve purchased a few quality and stylish garments, you can have them taken in and rock them long after the baby is born. Maternity clothes are pricey, so always think ahead and shop smartly. Finally, don’t refrain from rocking a tracksuit – if supermodels can do it, all thanks to the athleisure trend, so can you.

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