How to Get that Period Look

Old houses have a lot of character, and it is best brought to the fore by choosing to give your home a period look. That doesn’t mean old and musty, but more charming and comfortable. The sort of cottage look you see when you visit other people’s houses, but don’t quite know how to recreate!

Well, you could start by unblocking your old open fireplaces, which have likely been boarded over when they went out of favour. These days, you can get highly efficient smokeless coal that is very slow burning and gives a wonderful heat – not to mention the always gratifying look of a real flame fire.

If you want to unblock your fire there are certain things you should do, and one of the first is to enlist the help of a chimney sweep with the expertise to tell you if your chimney is safe to use, and to help fix it if not.

Find a Chimney Sweep

Contrary to popular belief, there are many professional chimney sweeps across the country, as more people than ever before choose to open up old fires. We offer a full range of services at sensible rates, so please go here to find out all you need to know about getting your chimney and fire checked and swept. If it has been out of action for a number of years, there will undoubtedly be debris in the chimney needs clearing before full checks can be carried out.
A real fire is a great addition to a room, and not just to look at. It is a very practical way of heating a room, and gives a lovely radiant heat from that cosy glow. Check out opening your fires now, and you could find it is the best thing you ever did.