How to Use Essentials to Aid Sleep

Scents for Sound Sleep

Work, school, children, finances, and household chores are only a few of the many stressors of everyday life. At the end of the day, a good night sleep is vital for a person to be rejuvenated and invigorated to take on what the following day presents. However, many people do not get the necessary hours of sleep due to insomnia, restlessness, stress, etc. There are many sleeping medications available to solve this problem, but most people do not want to depend on a drug that possess risks and side effects unless he/she feels compelled to. Many people turn to natural methods to fall asleep faster. Essential oils are one of the best natural methods to falling asleep faster.

How Essential Oils Help Sleep

The olfactory nerve is located in the nose and connects to the brain. When a person smells something, their olfactory nerve sends messages to the limbic system and amygdala parts of his/her brain. These parts of the brain control emotions, memory, and moods. Hence, scents are known for evoking particular memories and emotions associated with those memories. These parts of the brain also control regulation of the nervous system, which can activate the increasing and decreasing of heart rate, increasing and decreasing blood pressure, flight-or-fight response, and cause the parasympathetic nervous system to soothe the rest of the body. Therefore, essential oils work by the messages they cause the olfactory nerves to send to the limbic system and amygdala parts of the brain. Essential oils such as lavender have been shown to have the same effect on particular neurorecptors as anti-anxiety medications.

The Best Essential Oils for Sleep

Lavender is the most renowned essential oil for sleep. Scientific research showed that lavender calms the nervous system and lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and skin temperature. Research also showed that it even changes the brain waves to a tranquil state. Not only has it been shown to help a person fall asleep, it has been shown to increase the quality of a person’s sleep. Lavender has also been proven effective in reducing anxiety in women with post-partum depression and patients that are under medical care.

Valerian is the second most renowned essential oil for sleep. It is greatly effective in helping and person fall asleep and stay asleep due to its calming and grounding effect. It is most effective if applied to the bottom of the feet and/or wrists before bedtime.

Cedarwood is a musky scent. It is very effective when used in a diffuser. It stimulates the pineal gland, which releases melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep. It can also be applied topically to the forehead, wrists, and the area where the head and neck meet. Cedarwood renders people with a warm feeling, which comforts them like a giant soft blanket.

Clary sage oil comes from the clary sage herb. It has been shown to calm people who are having dental procedures performed on them. This calming effect correlates with its sedative effects.

Roman chamomile essential oil has a light flowery scent and relaxant properties. The supreme way to receive the relaxant properties is to use a diffuser. It can also be applied topically to the bottom of the feet.

Where to Buy a Sleep Kit or Essential Oils for Sleep

It is important for a sleep kit or essential oils for sleep to be purchased from a trustworthy seller that sells high-quality essential oils. A local health food store or the retailer chain is the ideal place to purchase an essential oil sleep kit. When it comes to online retailers, it is important to purchase from one that is a Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG). A high-quality essential oil must be pure and organic.

Some online retailers that are known to sell high-quality essential oils are

  • doTerra
  • Plant Therapy Essential Oils
  • Tropical Traditions
  • Edens Garden Essential Oils
  • Now Foods Essential Oils
  • Aura Cacia Essential Oils
  • Shop Aura Cacia On Amazon
  • Thrive Market Essential Oils.

Essential oils are an excellent form of natural medicine to help a person fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and have superior sleep. However, a person should be aware of any allergies he/she may have before starting use of a particular essential oil. If a person has any ambiguity, he/she should consult his/her personal physician. Essential oils can make a difference in a person’s everyday lifestyle by having him/her feel more rejuvenated and invigorated to seize the day.

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