Low-Cost Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

If you don’t know what to get your kid for Christmas, don’t worry. There are plenty of amazing low-cost gifts out there. If you’re on a budget, it’s recommended that you don’t buy toys since cheap ones tend to fall apart pretty quickly. Instead, buy gifts that give your child a new experience. Either that, or get something that allows your child to create something of their own.

The Zoo

Surprise your child with a trip to the zoo if the tickets are cheap. Depending on your kid’s age, you may not even have to pay for them. Look up which zoos are open on Christmas Day. At the zoo, you can get cheap snacks and drinks and maybe even a small plush doll for your kid.

Coloring Pencils

Coloring pencils are great for creative kids. They don’t need to be a premium brand. As long as they don’t snap in half at the slightest touch, then your child should be happy. They last a long time and your child can busy themselves creating art all day.

If you have a really small child, do not get coloring pencils. They may accidentally hurt themselves, especially if the pencils come pre-sharpened. If you don’t trust your kid around the pencils but you still want to nurture their creativity, gift some Play-Doh.

Science Experiment Kit

If your child is curious and likes mixing things, get a science experiment kit. The kit will come with instruction and materials so that your kid can get to creating strange but safe chemical reactions. Some of the more expensive, elaborate sets have hundreds of experiments, but the cheaper ones can still entertain your child for a while.

Magic Kit

Don’t think that your child isn’t interested in magic just because they’ve never been to a show. Magic kits come with an array of simple yet impressive magic tricks that will pique your child’s interest. Encourage your child to put on a show for the family. You’ll surely see the kit come to good use over the next few weeks.

Go to Chuck E. Cheese

Take your kids to Chuck E. Cheese for Christmas. Instead of something material, the family can enjoy some amazing food and form happy memories. Check Slickdeals every now and again to see if there are any available holiday sales and discounts.

If you have Chuck E. Cheese coupons, you can make the most out of your visit while spending very little. Use coupon codes to pay less for food or games. Join the free membership reward program to earn gift cards and free tickets.

Chuck E. Cheese also has a military discount for families that serve. For more information about deals and promos, go to the contact us page on the Chuck E. Cheese website.

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