Some Weird, Some Interesting, Some Scary, and Some Amazing Birthday Cakes

What Can Be Better Than Combining Art, Love, and Dessert in One Project?

Art is just better when you can eat it

Gone are the days when we thought of art as something that needs to be preserved especially when created by “sophisticated” adults for the enjoyment of other “sophisticated” adults. The image of a well-dressed aristocratic man with spectacles critically looking over a painting of an anatomical impossibility come to mind.

More fun, now

It’s about time that art became fun… and edible. We’ve seen the water drop cake,

The best kind of art is the one that lets you be as fun and creative as you like then eat it. Making a birthday cake in the shape or design that a loved one will appreciate makes birthday cake decorating fun, edible, and an undeniable labor of love. Let’s look at a few of the cakes that caught our eye for being weird, interesting or simply amazing. Sure cake decorating with DIY cake kits takes time, but so does painting a canvas and if you play your cards right, the little ones might let you have a piece to celebrate your efforts.


We’re tougher than The (extinct) dinos and the electronic ones in Jurassic Park also

We can agree that dinosaurs are just, well, cool! They munch on stuff and they’re huge and, luckily, all extinct, so we can enjoy their memory without having to worry about spotting one in the backyard. The Jurassic Park dinosaur cake is one of the weird cake designs you can make that your kids and their friends will love. Which kid wouldn’t want to eat a dinosaur, a reasonably-sized one, of course.

Use Theme Cakes To Reach Learning Goals

Theme cakes are great for creating teachable moments. PBS knows the value of using things kids naturally like to help them reach learning goals. Surprise your kids with a realistic dinosaur cake to build on something they’re learning at school or at home.


An Interesting Cake To Make Them Think

The Shrek cake looks interesting because he just looks like such a nice ogre. The facial expression is calm but unreadable. This is the perfect cake for a young child who loves Shrek… and the color green.

Play with facial expressions

Look for some images of your child’s favorite cartoon character and study the different facial expressions. Don’t be afraid to experiment by adding your own twist to the instructions in the DIY cake kits. They want you to have fun and bring out your artistic self.

Cakest’s fire truck cake has so many artistic layers in one easy-to-make cake

Kids love designs with different textures and the fire truck cake combines a smooth, colorful backdrop with vibrant figures that pop. The DIY cake kits have everything you need to easily make the 3D fire truck, ladder, and roaring fire figures. Don’t forget to grab a camera and take a picture before it’s all gone!



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