What to Eat to Avoid Thrombosed Hemorrhoid

Our family member struggles with thrombosed hemorrhoid from time to time, and I know how uncomfortable it is. At some point, I decided to find out more about this condition. Demetrius and I have always thought that it is much better to make an effort and prevent something from happening instead of having to deal with it later.

When thrombosed hemorrhoid affected our family directly, I realized we had to do our best to avoid it.

Finding out that you could avoid thrombosed hemorrhoid with the help of a diet was great news. I am not a fan of drugs or invasive procedures, but I love healthy food and cooking.

Eat fruits and vegetables. Sometimes thrombosed hemorrhoid appears due to regular constipation. Whereas constipation is caused by issues with digestion. Fiber in fresh vegetables and fruits will help and normalize digestion. Papaya, pears, peas, prunes are especially rich in fiber, so try adding them to your daily menu.

Eat legumes. They are a source of impressive amounts of micronutrients, such as B-vitamins and iron, as well as protein and fiber. As a result, they affect your digestion positively. Pay extra attention to split peas, beans and lentils. Try using legumes instead of meat in some of your dishes.

Eat garlic. You can add it to your dishes, while cooking, or to your salads and eat it raw. Garlic is a well-known digestion aid. It has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying effect, which is very important when it comes to thrombosed hemorrhoid.

Eat whole grains. They are also good for your digestion. They include important micronutrients, like folate and selenium, fiber and protein. The best whole grain options are whole grain cold cereals and oatmeal, long-grain brown rice and wild rice.

Take supplements. You can consume fiber, calcium and magnesium in a form of a supplement. It is easy and helpful. This is something I am definitely considering. Also, I know how lucky we are to live in Greece, where it is warm and sunny for the most part of the year, but some people almost never see the sun. As a result, there are much less fruits and vegetables, so a supplement can be a great alternative.


Thanks to these dietary changes I hope to prevent thrombosed hemorrhoid from happening in our family again, and I highly recommend you do the same thing. 

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